There's no reason not to follow your heart.
There's no reason not to follow your heart.

All I can think about is Paul Bettany. I can go out to dinner with Paul Bettany for the rest of my life. He’s the most charming, funny, cool guy in the world.

-Robert Downey Jr., when asked about Tony Stark’s relationship with The Vision (July 26, 2014). (via bootycap)




Chris Hemsworth & Chris Evans 

: Now they’re mirroring each other’s gestures. The bond is strong here. Hiddleston may need to worry! #captainamerica #thor #avengers #sdcc #chrisevans #chrishemsworth

Some brilliant motto from Benedict.

Picture of a water sky. In an overcast cloudy day sea ice is reflected white on the clouds - so the clouds appear light in color. In contrast the water is reflected as a dark color. This dark is the water sky. Taken in Antarctica.


Say my name !

#I will not forget comic con 2013 #never


Date someone who looks at you the way Mark Ruffalo looks at Paul Rudd.


GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (2014) London premiere.  [x]



Comic-Con attendees who always wanted to know how it feels to pilot a Jaeger from the Guillermo del Toro film Pacific Rim will finally get their chance. Legendary Entertainment is hosting the Pacific Rim Jaeger Pilot Oculus Rift Experience at its booth, #3920. Here’s a description of what sounds to be one of the most popular events on the exhibit floor:

We have worked closely with the leading pioneers of virtual reality, Oculus VR, to deliver a new benchmark in Oculus Rift experiences.

Fans will experience what it feels like to pilot a 250-story robot as they step into a fully-realized Jaeger Combat Simulator. Strapping on the Oculus Rift headset, fans will ‘Drift with the Rift’ and experience the beloved universe of Pacific Rim in a whole new way.

Mark Ruffalo on Paul Bettany as The Vision (x)